‘My mother-in-law marks our wedding anniversary as the day I stole her son’

‘My mother-in-law marks our wedding anniversary as the day I stole her son’

It’s no secret that relationships with in-laws can be tricky – after all, you don’t just marry your partner, you essentially marry their entire family.

But, while pretty much everyone can relate to having the odd disagreement or tiff with their significant other’s family, one woman has revealed how her very own mother-in-law won’t even celebrate her wedding anniversary with her beloved son.

Not only will she not acknowledge their special day, she even chooses to mark the joyous occasion as the day she ‘lost’ her son.

Shelby Lynn ( @iamalilstitious ) took to TikTok to share her experience as part of the, “tell me your mother-in-law doesn’t respect your marriage without telling me your mother-in-law doesn’t respect your marriage,” and her story tells it all.

“On my husband and I’s first wedding anniversary, my mother-in-law posted a picture on Instagram. It was a photo of her and one of our wedding guests at our venue, captioned, ‘One year ago today.’ And mind you, neither my husband or I were in the photo, it was just her and one of our guests at the venue,” Shelby explained.

“And then my sister-in-law commented on it and my mother-in-law commented back saying the only thing missing from the picture was our sister-in-law, who didn’t come to our wedding, not the bride and groom who weren’t in the photo or anything like that.”

Shelby explained that just a few hours later, her mother-in-law decided to message her husband “not to say happy anniversary or even acknowledge it, but to send pictures of him and her from his childhood with a bunch of heart emojis.”

She continued: “When my husband called her on trying to make our first anniversary all about her, she said she didn’t know it was our wedding anniversary and she sent those photos because she couldn’t handle the fact that she lost her son.”

It really doesn’t get any more awkward than that.