‘My mother-in-law says I’m a sinner for getting pregnant before our wedding’

‘My mother-in-law says I’m a sinner for getting pregnant before our wedding’

Gone are the days of tradition in which parents are looked down on for having children without getting married, with all most half of children born in the UK out of wedlock in the last few years.

And, yet, some expecting parents still feel shame from their own families, and eve the families of their child’s other parent, for welcoming a baby into the world while unmarried.

Sadly, this is exactly what has happened to one expectant mother, despite the fact she is actually engaged and due to get married two months before giving birth.

While you think that would be enough, the woman’s future mother-in-law has begged her to move the wedding forward, to when she’ll have less of a bump, because she thinks it’s “embarrassing” to have her son get married to his bride when she’s pregnant.

“She doesn’t want anyone to know that we got pregnant before we were married. She thinks it’s embarrassing and trashy if I show up to our wedding pregnant,” the woman explained on Reddit’s AITA forum.

“My future mother-in-law is super religious, so according to her it’s a sin to have sex before marriage, but I think she’s a hypocrite because it has less to do with her beliefs and more to do with her image.”

But, not only did she try and force the couple to move the date of their wedding forward, she even threatened not to come if they refuse to do so – prompting the woman’s future hubby to agree.

The woman is now completely refusing to change the date of her wedding, but turned to Reddit to question whether she’s right to do so as she admits she can be “a bit of a control freak.”

“Doesn’t matter if you get pregnant before you are married and your mother-in-law’s logic is terrible. If you move up the wedding dates people will figure out you’re pregnant and ruin you telling them,” one Redditor responded.

Another replied: “Sounds like your husband isn’t as religious and is happy with the pregnancy, so he should be able to understand that it’s not 1950 anymore.”